Are these your top priorities?

Are these your top priorities?

Hiring the right people and investing in their long-term development are critical to your company's success.

Your people are what keeps your company running!

People matter. Coaching works.

I can help you with:

Good leaders, Prioritize people.

A good leader will prioritize people who are both short- and long-term fits for their organizations.

What we (I-Woven) do

We believe that coaching is one of the most effective ways of developing and building a culture of leadership within an organization, and we can do this with and for your teams, emerging leaders, and current leaders while purposefully creating the culture you want. A culture where people are seen, heard, cared for, and inspired.

We believe that an engaged worker is an inspired worker. Engaged workers are happier, more productive, and more enthusiastic about their work. However, the majority of workers are simply spinning their wheels, costing themselves and their companies in terms of both well-being and dollars. In fact, disengaged workers are costing upwards of $11 billion in lost productivity annually. That’s a billion, with a "b."

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